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The First Step of the Production Process Customer Representative. We can make the most effective move by combining your wishes with our experiences. The word marketing is not as simple as it seems, but it also has a complicated meaning that includes the right move, effective solution and customer satisfaction. The Çiftsan Etiket Customer Relations unit, which acts in this context, communicates its structure with the communicating structure on the basis of a solid base and assigns it to the following units. At the communication stage provided by our customer representatives, what the customer wants is understood and what needs to be done in this direction are put in order. The rationale that there will be no second chance for a good first impression is the basis of the sensitive interest shown to the customer at this stage. Another process applied in the first stage of the production process is the standard cost calculation. Due to the pricing program, the decision is not made and the situations that may cause distress in the future are eliminated.

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